Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself, and allowing me to give you a little background about me. My name is Al Kelley. I am a veteran police officer from New Jersey who has many ties to this area over the decades. I have served as a police officer since 1982 in a highly populated city in New Jersey. During my career, I started as a patrolman serving and protecting the city by being the Initial arriving officer who would start an investigation. I was instrumental in setting up the departments’ standard operating procedure for completing vacation and house checks within the city.  I retired 27 years later as the lead detective for the department. I am a certified chemical munitions instructor, a certified fire arms instructor, and a certified SWAT team member, retiring as assistant team leader. I have been educated from many schools from interview and interrogation techniques, crime scene investigations, homicide investigations, sexual assault investigations, riot control, surveillance photography, undercover work, courtroom testimony and any other crimes that may be committed against persons or property.  I have been schooled, trained and certified in practically every aspect dealing with police work. I am permitted to carry a fire arm nationwide. 

Since my retirement, I have worked within the hotel industry as Hotel security/investigator. My employment with such hotels as the Holiday Inn in Old City and The Rittenhouse in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has enhanced my ability immensely in this line of work. I have been trained in infestation and varmint control and identification, fire control panels, alarm systems, and all relating aspects of maintaining up to a 33 story high-rise building. 

Since moving to the beach,  I observed numerous properties around my own neighborhood that were not being properly cared for during the homeowners absence. With my training, experience and keen eye, I am positive I will be able to help homeowners and investors alike.  I am a take-charge individual who demands only the best services are provided.  I promise to treat your investment as if it were my own.

I am the only one that will be in your home!!​

We provide ​Home Watch services in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas! Check out our Concierge and other Property Services.

Home Watch Services in Myrtle Beach


We provide personal care and security of your valuable asset.​ ​​ Under Watchful Eyes was established because we saw an immediate need in our own neighborhood. We live at the beach. We watch seasonal rental homes and second homes being neglected during the owners’ absence. Who is really looking out for your best interests?  We will treat and protect your home as if it were our own. We will make sure that your home is treated with the upmost respect.