1. Walk exterior of the home to make sure all windows and doors are secure that are accessible from the ground.
  2. Make sure all landscaping and pool services being maintained as scheduled.
  3. Pick up and remove all clutter, advertisements, and trash from outside of the property.
  4. Make sure all outside lighting is working during our evening hour checks.
  5. Check for any damage or wear and tear to your home.
  6. Check for any visible signs of infestation.
  7. Exterior photos and report sent via email or text.


  1. Walk through all rooms and inspect for any water intrusions from ground to the ceiling.
  2. Check for any visual signs of any mold and mildew.
  3. Check under all sinks and under cabinets for leaks.
  4. Run all faucets to prevents traps from drying out.
  5. Flush all toilets.
  6. Check all appliances.
  7. Check thermostats and set to desired temperature.
  8. Check for any insect infestations.
  9. Make sure housekeeping services are completed to our stringent satisfaction if using outside vendors
  10. One alarm call and one storm damage check included.
  11. Photos and reports sent via email or text.

​Additional Services

  1. Change air filters when needed.
  2. Change batteries in smoke detectors every six months
  3. Check all carbon monoxide detectors
  4. Run dishwasher and washer (cycle rinses)
  5. Water plants inside and outside
  6. Check irrigation system running to your preferences
  7. Change light bulbs when necessary and rotate lighting inside home
  8. Start and run vehicles
  9. Storm services 
  10. Alarm calls
  11. Videos sent upon your request

Realtor services

We offer an invaluable service to realtors.  We are an added service to offer your clients. Show your buyers what you can offer them by having a home watch company take care of their needs while they are away. Also for vacant homes, educate your clients about the fact that they may be anywhere from minimally to completely uninsured when they vacate their home.  95% of homeowners are unaware that their homeowners policies are specifically written with the understanding that the homeowner is to reside in the home.

Let us take care of watching and making sure all is well with their properties.  It gives you an added service and we will have your listings ready to show.  No unwanted surprises!

Concierge Services:

  1. Wellness check patrols
  2. Groceries and alcohol 
  3. Housekeeping
  4. VRBO assistance
  5. Tenant checks
  6. Meet and Greet with Contractors
  7. Inspect property after contractors leave
  8. Property checks for business
  9. Key holder services
  10. 24/7 Emergency Service
  11. Holiday decorating
  12. RV concierges services
  13. Mail forwarding upon request
  14. Event planning
  15. New Construction - let us take pictures everyday for you so you do not have to bother the builder
  16. Welcome home services
  17. Shut down services

Have a special anniversary, birthday or any special occasion coming up?  Let us set the stage for you. Flowers, dinner, candlelight can all be ready when you arrive!

Many things can go wrong in 30 days to an unattended property,  We strongly suggest four inspections per month. Ask about our CUTTING-EDGE equipment and technology used to make sure your investment is safe and secured! Rates as low as $29.95.

Marine Services - Call us for a quote!

  1. Visually and physically inspect your vessel for damage
  2. Inspect moor lines for chaffing and snugness
  3. Inspect the bilge
  4. Make sure bilge pumps are operating properly
  5. Monitor vessels batteries and electrical systems after storms
  6. Inspect interior for infestation
  7. Inspect interior for water intrusion from above and below
  8. Make sure breaker panel in proper working order
  9. Start engines and generator
  10. Check for mold and mildew on entire vessel
  11. Verify proper heat or ventilation for mold and mildew prevention
  12. Make sure power lines are in good condition and functioning
  13. Make sure all enclosures secured
  14. Meet with all contractors
  15. Reports and pictures sent per every inspection


​Contact us to learn more about this service and set up a personal evaluation of your home watch needs. Each home and client are unique, and we will develop and price a home watch service just for you.

We provide ​Home Watch services in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas! Check out our Concierge and other Property Services.

Under Watchful Eyes, Llc Home Watch Services

We strongly recommend weekly inspections of your property, as numerous problems can arise in just days.  Ask about our cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure that you are not throwing away money every month.  Most insurance companies offer a discount with our service.  Ask about our referral discounts and discounts for weekly visits. 

We will ACCOMMODATE your needs!   

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